No Resolutions

I’m not a “resolutions” type of person. Granted, I do have goals I want to hit for this year, and I did get a Panda Planner for Christmas from my soon to be sister in law. But I didn’t start anything new, other than the planner of course, on January 1st. I have continued on with my routine of lifting weights three times a week, doing cardio, writing, cooking meals, chatting with friends just as I did December 1st.

The new year isn’t magical to me. It’s fun and full of potential since it is a “new year”, but after trying to be a New Year resolution person when my kids were babies (and failing miserably, I might add) I gave that up.

I still said “Happy New Year” and kissed my husband and kids at midnight on New Year’s Eve. I still have goals. I still want to improve and grow as a person. I am still hopeful that this year will bring more ups than downs. I am looking forward to the birthdays our family will celebrate (Emma will be double digits and Jensen will be eight!)

Hopefully, this year will take us to many new places and bring many new people into our lives. If all goes well, Mike will finish his book and self publish it, Emma and Jensen will discover new skills, and I will hit new personal records with my strength training. (I LOVE resistance training, if you can’t tell!)

For this month, I plan to read aloud every night with my kids. I try to spend some time with each of them on a daily basis. I want to enjoy some quiet moments with Mike in which we will talk about the future, our books, and where we want to be in a few months (Alaska).

Mike bought me this portable bench for Christmas. I had already been using kettle bells for my workouts, and I was thrilled to have my own weight set and bench. 

At the end of this month, I will reevaluate how my tasks and to do lists have worked with my goals. I will go over my lifting routines and change some things up.

I really want to get a new YouTube video up on our channel as well.

Lots to do!

How is your month going?

Yours Truly,


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