Life doesn’t give you Seatbelts

Words of wisdom from LEGO Batman…

Are your kids LEGO everything fans? Ours sure are! We have finally found a reasonable way to store them in our rig, and it came with the rv when we bought it.

(Currently in use by two cuties)

The 2 1/2′ x 1′ (ish) rectangle container was the bottom side of a gamer chair area that came with our rig. At first it seemed so cool to have gamer chairs for our kids, but we soon realized that they rarely sat in them.

What’s the point of gamer chairs if you don’t sit in them? We ripped them out and replaced them with bean bags. “So much more comfortable, Mom!” Awesome.

As for the LEGO box…


It’s not the overtly organized look that I crave, but the rectangle box does the job. Our kids pull it into the center of their room and spend hours building legos.

“Mom, you HAVE to see what I built!”

It’s always quite the treat.

Sometimes, I am so nervous to customize things in life, even in our fifth wheel, but in the case of the gamer chairs’ exit, the rectangle box and bean bags are much more functional for our kids.

Here’s to more thinking outside of my comfort zone!

Yours Truly,


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