“Wait, that’s Us!!”

Have you ever read anything by Chris Guillebeau? The guy is seriously motivating. He is an author who has been to every country on the globe.

Since I just finished his other book, The Art of Non-Conformity, I picked up his book The Happiness of Pursuit today after having almost lost our copy to Chocolate’s teeth.

This is the second book that Chocolate ripped apart. The other was The Four Hour Workweek that Mike bought while he was in Iraq.

In the happiness book, Chris speaks over and over about people who have discovered a “quest” that forces them to keep going and striving for what drives them. For some in his book it was travel, for others it was blogging, connecting with others, art, etc. Each story he shared was inspiring, and I found myself wondering what our quest should be.

Then the thought hit me, “Chris is describing us!”

I glanced over the description of quests again and realized, “Wait, that’s us!”

If you’re new to our blog, welcome. If you’re a regular reader, thanks for once again checking out my random thoughts.

Our family is currently living in Northern California, but our quest is to visit all fifty states with our kids. We started this idea of conquering the nifty fifty about two years ago. It has slowly developed from a far off dream into an actual journey.

As of this blog post, we have been to 29 of 50 states as a family of four.

How cool is it that we are the middle of living in a journey that was just a dream a couple of years ago? I am completely blown away by how much this has turned into regular life over the past months.

Yours Truly,




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