The Problem with Moisture

In this lush, humid climate grow many different varieties of mold and mildew. Maybe you thought I was going to write about the incredibly massive trees and the wild mushrooms. Nope.

The problem with living in a recreational vehicle in a humid grove of Redwood trees is moisture. Moisture from the air, moisture from condensation, moisture, moisture everywhere. These giants surrounding us trap the mist and fog from the California coast and absorb the water into their leaves. They seemingly create their own climate to survive. Fascinating stuff, right? While they’re doing their job at combatting droughts, etc, they’re also creating a greenhouse like effect in the state park.

As the days and nights are chilly, we have the heater going to keep us snug. This however causes a condensation problem in our rig due to the humidity, heat, and cold all clashing together.

Today, I spent quite a good bit of time wiping down window sills that had become test tube like experiments for mold growth. Homeschool science, anyone?

Right now, we have been utilizing Damp Rid in every part of our rv, but it alone is no match for 80-100% humidity. Therefore, we are in the process of purchasing some dehumidifiers of some sort for our rig.

Because we spent the past two winters in sunny, warm Florida, condensation related to cold weather never was an issue. With the pros of rv living come the cons.

Yours Truly,



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