Super Bowl Party

Yesterday our family went to a Super Bowl Party that a friend of ours was hosting. Funny, now, how worried I was about making friends in a new place. Ugh, I worry too much.


Our kids and their kids and other people’s kids had an absolute blast together. Our friends have a farm, of sorts, and after an hour or so of playing with friends and farm animals, Emma was in love with “farm life” as she called it.

Disclaimer: No mucking stalls or crates was done; so, farm life was blissful.

I don’t remember seeing our kids very much other than an occasional, “Mom, I’m thirsty.” or “Dad, where can we get some food?”

They would come inside from time to time for a hug and a kiss; those reassuring “Mom and Dad are still present” lovings.

I love that; it was bliss for me.

Mike and I enjoyed the game and some grown up conversation. Oh, and the Jurassic World previews, the “Hopper” Tide commercials, the ones with Chris Pratt. Great stuff.

Our family doesn’t follow football at all. It may be something we enjoy with our kids when they’re older, but we do like to hang out with friends and watch the big game.

I never really took time to understand football when I lived with my dad and brothers (who are still sports fanatics). And, Mike didn’t grow up watching sports at all except for an occasional Super Bowl Party game.

But watching two teams playing their hearts out on the field is just good entertainment. As a true film student, Mike pointed out most of the camera equipment and talked me through various camera angles that were happening during the game. I really enjoyed learning about the production side from him.

I still didn’t retain much about what “first and 10” means, but I’m sure that if Jensen became a player, I would learn it in a flash.

(Momma is kind of hoping for baseball or basketball, though)

Yours Truly,


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