We’re Okay

Today, our family was heading to a grocery store south of the state park we work in. If you’ve read our blog at all, you know that the state park is far from everything and driving an hour to the grocery store is a weekly occurrence for us.

While I was driving down the small highway, something struck the passenger window behind me. We heard glass shatter, and I quickly pulled over. Mike grabbed his coat and forced all of the glass from the inside of the truck out the window before it came crashing into the car.

Emma was sitting in the seat behind me, but thankfully, she had bent over to watch a video that Mike had made for film school. She was wearing headphones and didn’t hear the crash of glass.

Whatever it was did not make it into our vehicle. We turned around to see if someone had thrown something at the truck and found a safe place to pull off the road. As Mike was climbing up the embankment close to where our truck was hit, a California Highway Patrol Officer happened to drive up.

He and Mike tried to figure out what had happened but to no avail. He even asked us if we thought it was a gun shot. We knew the hole in the glass was about the size of a fist, but we had no idea what had caused it.

Mike had reacted so quickly to the glass shattering into the truck (and onto Emma!)that there was no time to take a picture of the hole in the glass.

We’ll never know what happened, but we are all okay.

Yours Truly,



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