Back to Normal

Odd, isn’t it that life just moves on. Even when something strange happens like something smashing through our back window on our truck, we still had to continue on to eat dinner and buy groceries.

The last post I left you with was a short description of how that happened. Since that day, we’ve had a birthday party for Emma (she’s 10!) and visited friends on the coast of California. (That US 1 route is no joke, but after driving out to Sinkyone Wilderness State Park, it was a cake walk. Click here to see pictures of our hike on the Lost Coast.)

We had a nice guy named Mike who owns “Joe’s Auto Glass” repair our back window. He works in Fortuna, California. If something comes crashing through your window and you’re near there, stop in “Joe’s Auto Glass” and ask for the owner, Mike. (Yep, that is hilarious to me. I have a weird sense of humor.)

Our family has some changes in store. On March 3rd, we will leave Richardson Grove and head south to the San Francisco Bay area. We are doing a “180” from our Pacific Northwest to Alaska plans, temporarily.

That is one fantastic pro of living in an RV. We can change our minds/plans and travel where we want to go. Absolutely splendid!

Our family of four also has some fun projects coming up. We will fill you in once they make a little more sense to us.

Tomorrow, Mike and I will install our new “mattress in a box” which is a first time purchase for us. We have never tried a mattress from a box before. Fingers crossed that the new bed will be awesome! Our current rv factory model mattress is adding to Mike’s back pain; that is hopefully what this new bed will remedy.

We’ve purchased new beds for Emma and Jensen as well. They’re excited to try those out when the beds arrive.

Our rig has a few things that need to be repaired, for instance our microwave keeps tripping the breaker it’s on. We tried replacing the breaker and even tried plugging the microwave into another outlet to no avail. We’ll keep trying to troubleshoot until we can get someone to look at it. If you, dear reader, have any ideas as to what could cause this, please send them my way.

Yours Truly,



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