The Gift of Nature

As we drove south on Highway 101 today, Mike and I were both convinced that the last four months of being out of the loop, be it internet, news, even movies, has been the best thing we could have ever done.

I don’t remember exactly what he said but we both agreed that being surrounded by nature with little outside world interference was a welcome change of pace. It was one that helped us take a real break and become more creative with what could be.

For instance, Mike has written around the 50,000 word count of a work of fiction, has finished the first episode of a small show we are going to make, and has felt recharged in seeking his place in the film industry. I have found my groove in my new strength training program, revitalized some personal goals, and refocused some areas of our homeschool routine.

Even our kids, Emma and Jensen, have benefited from being away from “normal” life, one that is filled with screens and opinions. It’s very grounding for all of us to take a step back and reassess what our family needs.

I will admit that my blog has taken a back seat as the internet connection was not conducive to consistent writing. But the break in technology was more of a pro than a con.

We are back in an rv park filled with people; and it will take a little while to become familiar with noise from other people. Our family was in a closed campground, completely separated from the campers we aided in the state park.

We’re looking forward to our new adventures that wind their way out in front of us like the curvy roads to the California coast. We’re not sure what the next year holds, but we’re all feeling energized and ready to tackle it.

Yours Truly,


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