The Truth About Living On The Road

When people ask where we live,  Mike and I often look at each other for a split second before we reply. We get it. Our lives are not what most people would consider normal. We know that some people may think that we are out of our minds; perhaps we are.

But, after the split second glance, we tell them we live in a fifth wheel and we travel the U.S. with our kids. “Kids? What ages?” is usually the next question. “Ten and seven” we answer, not in unison. “Well, what do they do for school?”

“School, I never thought about school before? Babe, have you considered school for our kids?” (This is the monologue in my head; I never actually say this.)

“Well, we homeschool.”

“Oh, that’s pretty neat.”

Most of the time, casual acquaintances go on their merry way.

We aren’t asked very often if we LIKE the lifestyle or what place is next on our journey. Hmm, I wonder why.

Every so often, we are asked how we live together, the four of us plus two dogs, in such a tiny space. So, I’ll tell you the truth.

We just do.

There you have it; the truth about living on the road is revealed.

We just do it.

As a family, we had this crazy idea that we could live within our means, explore the country, and enjoy the time our kids live with us all at the same time. We are doing just that.

Every single day…

Now, are there moments when I have to go for a walk by myself to avoid pulling my own hair out of my head? Absolutely, yes.

Are there moments when I really miss a dishwasher? or a washer and dryer that sit in my house? or having REAL walls between us and kids? Sure are!

BUT, those moments will never overshadow the amazing adventures we get to have as a family. Those moments will never be better than driving to a new city and feeling the “I can’t wait to see something new” feeling that we all feel. And those moments will never outshine the majesty of God’s creation all throughout this land we love.

We live simply. We have a limited amount of clothing that will fit in our rig; I wear the same clothes all the time. Emma and Jensen have only so much space to keep toys, and Mike can only store so much camera gear, tools, or whatever in our “tiny home on wheels”. We all have to part with things that would fit perfectly fine in a house.

Having very tiny kitchen area, we have to juggle pots and pans and dinner and dishes and art work and camera gear all on the same surface area. We sometimes have to pass on gifts from well meaning family and friends because we have so little space.

But, I (we) wouldn’t trade all the things that become so cumbersome for the thrill of visiting a new state park or museum or city.

As I stood at a vista point that was right next to the Golden Gate Bridge last Sunday, not one time during that several minutes of awe-filled wonder did I miss a single item that  I have had to part with to live on the road.


Those are the magical moments that will stay with us over any “thing”.

There it is, dear readers, the truth about living on the road.

Yours Truly,


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