The Absolute WORST thing about living in an RV

Ugh! This is the absolute WORST thing about living on the road in an RV… saying goodbye to amazing friends.

For the past week, our family has been at a KOA in Petaluma, CA. Now, there are a few things that I did not care for about this campground, but our kids had the best time with some great friends.

Granted, we get to meet loads of terrific people on a weekly basis as we travel across the U.S of A. However, there are some occasions that the friends are traveling full time just like we are, and most of the time our kids all just “click.”

“Hey, Mom, they homeschool too!” Love it!

There was a group of about 10-15 kids that had an absolute blast together this week. Our kids loved every single minute that they could be outside playing on the giant playground with their friends. They played, ran, jumped, biked, traded Pokemon cards, and laughed until the sun went down.

I think I had to remind Emma and Jensen every day to eat lunch. They didn’t ask to play video games at all. They even jumped out of bed every morning to get their chores and studies finished in order to join their friends for the rest of the afternoon.

It was a fabulous experience for them and for me!

The moms of the kids that got along so well were splendid souls themselves. I was happy to meet them and tell them “You have great kids.” (We moms love hearing that.)

You can find one full time family over at

Yes, it was a sad evening for our kids when we told them to come in for dinner. The final night at the campground. was ending. Emma shed some tears. I know the treasure of good friends and the pain of the goodbyes.

It is the worst part of traveling and living in an RV.

Yours Truly,




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