Why I LOVE traveling in an RV

Out of all the questions a full time RV family encounters, we are rarely asked why we love the RV traveling lifestyle. When someone does occasionally ask me why I love it…my answer is as follows…

No matter where we are, we have our HOME with us. Yes, for the scaredy cat, chicken ,”worst case scenario” person that I am, having our home with us at all times is like a giant security blanket. We can pull over at any time and take a break in a place that FEELS like home to us.

Now, what does this home look like, you may ask. Well, I do plan on inviting you over for a little tour. We’ve had this rig since June 2017, and we have yet to make a video tour of our fifth wheel. I assure you, it’s not because you’re not welcome. (Is that a double negative? Where’s an English teacher when you need one?)

Our living and kitchen area…it is currently not this clean. 

In our case, our rig/home is filled with all of our belongings. From sports gear to pj’s, from pots and pans to snow gear, our home on wheels has just about everything we need.

If we’re dry camping or staying somewhere with full hookups, our rig gives the same feeling of home. We can put out the slide outs and instantly feel the “aahh, we’re home” relief.

Hotels are great to visit, but they don’t feel like home. Don’t get me wrong, an occasional stay at a nice hotel is relaxing, and our family loves staying in hotels.

But, they don’t have our favorite foods (Premier protein shakes and Chobani greek yogurt, anyone?) on hand. They don’t have our pillows or our clothing stocked and ready to go.

You probably get the point.

We are traveling homebodies. Our family is a conundrum.

Yours Truly,



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