Moving Day

Today, we are traveling to a new camp host position east of San Francisco.

Our time in Petaluma was both chaotic and calm. We spent two weeks at a campground on a Coast Guard base near the city which we paid for nightly.

I have to admit that I missed working with rangers and campers while we were staying there.

As I write this, we are driving through an area that is mostly National Wildlife Refuge; it actually looks like a giant Florida swamp.

Except for the mountains in the background …

We will move from one state park to another, ending up in Benicia State Recreation Area.

I think we’re all looking forward to the change. Emma and I are a bit apprehensive when we encounter change, but Mike and Jensen are always ready to take on a new challenge.

We’re a good team, happily balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Yours Truly,


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