Stress Cleaning in an RV

Yes, from time to time, life doesn’t go as planned and I feel stressed out. Ugh! I hate the feeling because it seems permanent even though it’s only temporary.

During those stressful moments, I tend to clean.

Yes, deep clean, tear the house (RV) apart and clean, clean. I’m not a “yeller”. I implode rather than explode. When all that stress adrenaline hits me, I clean.

Today, I felt that overwhelming feeling of stress. Emma and Jensen were to clean out some of their clothes that were too small or grimy looking. I think I told them 852 times which trash bag I wanted them to put their discarded clothes into. Now, just in case you’re wondering why we trashed the items rather than donating them, the clothes were just too ratty. Simple as that.

Anyway, about 50 times into the 852 times I told them which trash bag to put the clothes into, I started cleaning. If they were intent on interrupting me that much, I would put that frustration into elbow grease.

Unfortunately, Mike is a stress cleaner too. I remember the first “fight” we had, we don’t fight, we have discussions and compromise. But anyway, our first “discussion”, we went immediately into different rooms and started cleaning. It’s kind of an awesome way to resolve conflict. When we were tired of cleaning, we met and said we’re sorry.

Back to today…

My stress cleaning caused Mike to feel the urge too. Then we were wondering why the other was cleaning so much. Ha!

The kitchen and our bathroom look much better now, and we’re going to eat lunch then go for a hike.

It’s times like this that I’m grateful for my spouse who “gets me” and for my man who helps me stress clean.

Yours Truly,


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