On the Move Again

When you read this post, our family will be settling into a new state park in California. As I write this blog post, we are in the Mitchell Canyon area in Mount Diablo State Park. Everyone we have come in contact with here at Mount Diablo has been very kind and helpful. We have been in the park host site but not actually doing any park host tasks other than talking to park visitors and helping them find maps.

One gorgeous view from our many hikes around Mitchell Canyon.

Our time here in Mitchell Canyon has been nice but not at all private. Our site is directly between the visitors center and a maintenance building. We have had other park volunteers and visitors walk directly through our camp site on their way from one building to another. Hmm…not great.

But, overall, the area is gorgeous and surrounded by glorious green, rolling hills. It’s almost as though we have been dropped onto a perfectly designed set of a movie.

Not a bad trade off…privacy for incredible views and hiking.

Oh, let’s not forget the turkeys. Here at Mount Diablo, there are non native turkeys that cause some mayhem for the volunteer created garden by the visitors center. One of the rangers encouraged us to “scare” the turkeys away, and our kids have been VERY helpful in that task. Hey, we’re here to help.

Turkeys, turkeys, everywhere!

Our new location is close to a river and even more urban in location than this park.

One of the exciting parts of being camp hosts for state parks is the variety of landscapes that we get to “live” in for short amounts of time. We quickly adapt to new grocery stores, public transportation routes, and outdoor activity options.

I really like that our kids (and us!) get the opportunity meet many rangers, park aides, and other personnel who all have some kind of experience and wisdom in their fields. Our kids are able to ask (lots!) of questions and learn about the people and areas we encounter.

The beautiful scene behind our camp site.

Here’s to the new state park, new friends, and new views!

Yours Truly,


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