“But how do you live without a dishwasher?”

“How do you not go out of your mind having to go do laundry all the time?”

“Aren’t you worried about things in your RV breaking?”

“Wouldn’t it be expensive to fix?”

“How can you live in such a little space?”

So many questions: so little time.

Most of the them can be answered with…”because if you want to live this lifestyle, you just do what you have to.” Adventure is greater than any convenience.

Jensen and Emma exploring the creek at Mount Diablo State Park.

Sure, sometimes my mind can wander to my “what if” worst case scenarios. As I mentioned in previous posts, I am the queen of “worst case scenarios.” No doubt, it will be a pain in the rear end to take the RV into the repair shop next week so they can look at the microwave and one of the a/c units.

It is quite a pain and the cause of personal stress to have to go do laundry at a laundromat. I often wonder if I have still have quarters or if the laundry mat even uses quarters or if I will have to get a card and use that instead. Do I have Tide pods? Did I bring all the clothes? Did Jensen really make sure ALL of his dirty clothes made into the dirty clothes baskets?

Yes, it isn’t fun, but the lifestyle we live is greater than stress or inconvenience caused by “laundry day.” Well, at least I’m not doing “laundry day” back in the pioneer days!

View at Benicia State Recreation Area

Our adventure through all fifty states with our kids is greater than the convenience of a house. Our “on the move” lifestyle gives us the opportunity to live where we want and leave when we want. And while I agree a dishwasher would be amazing, it wouldn’t compare to the views of our current state park.

Next week we will be able to go back to downtown San Francisco and enjoy city life for a few days. I love being able to live around “nature” for a little while then sprinkle in some “city” from time to time.

Downtown San Francisco

For now, I am done with “laundry day” as I did the laundry today at a laundromat. I will have to wash all the dishes by hand tomorrow, although I do have three wonderful helpers. I will have to consider items to get rid of to keep space a priority in our rig.

And I will walk out our front door and be surrounded by the beauty of California…

Yours Truly,


2 thoughts on “Adventure>Convenience

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  1. I could actually live my whole life without a dishwasher. I have always hated loading all the dirty dishes in and then having to load each out. I know doing laundry is similar but when you are doing the laundry you can grab a bunch of clothes and just through them in the dryer, not so much with dishes. Hope ya’ll are enjoying your new campground. We are actually running the heater in NSB this morning, I think this is the last time for a while. On Saturday we are having our RV moved to Disney for a week to experience Universal. Grace wants to go to Universal for her birthday and I want to sleep in my own bed!

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