Sometimes I wonder…

To be really honest, I wonder why I blog.

I mean, really…who is going to read it?

Who will actually take the time to read the random posts that I write on this little baby blog?

Will anyone care?

Then I get an email from a friend who wants to thank me for inspiring her to adventure more. Then a total stranger comments on a post that my blog is encouraging.


In my mind, I’m not incredibly creative or inspirational. I try everyday to be a little better than I was the day before. I’m not always successful. I fail often.

Have badge, will volunteer as a park host. 

Sometimes, I wonder why I put my thoughts out into cyberspace when they could just stay inside my own mind.

But, I have to admit that sending thoughts into the world IS better than keeping them bottled up in my own head. It’s kind of freeing that even if no one ever reads my thoughts on this blog, they aren’t stuck rolling around in my brain. That makes room for new ideas and thoughts.

Kind of a vicious circle.

I’m consulting my planner, yes I’m one of those people that has a planner, as I write this. Today, Emma and I are going to have a girls day that includes eating sushi and getting our nails done. I strive to take my kids on “dates” so we can spend some quality one on one time together. It’s Emma’s turn!

Tomorrow, we fly to Los Angeles for my youngest brother’s wedding which is so incredible to think about. I remember teaching him how to make his own bed when he was four years old. I love that boy (now grown adult).

We have lots of things on our to do lists to get ready for our trip tomorrow, but I still wanted to slow down and write all of these random ideas down.

Overall, the reason I blog is that I really love it. If no one ever reads this blog, I still created something.

Yours Truly,





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