Oh, the people you’ll meet!

One of the most incredible things about traveling and living in a recreational vehicle (rv) is the amazing people that you will encounter.

Sometimes, these people are in the state park where we camp host. Occasionally, they are in full-time rv groups and love the same kind of lifestyle that we do. Many times, they are random strangers in a nail salon.

Now, first of all, not ALL of the people with whom we have come in contact with have been amazing. Some of them have even been downright rude and obnoxious.

But in the spirit of celebrating a year in our Jayco Northpoint, I will not let the haters or those who have been oddly rude, have the spotlight.

Rather, I will tell you how a simple thing like “sharing” a love for a certain fifth wheel instantly connected me with a fellow blogger and rv enthusiast.

People choose rigs based on all kinds of reasons. For us, the rig had to 1) feel like home when we walked in…that’s a tall order for a fifth wheel 2) have at least some of the necessities in it that we wanted…full size shower, bunkhouse, etc 3) be maneuverable enough to travel well on our adventures. For some rvers, the idea of traveling the country with a 40′ fifth wheel is madly out of the question, but with our Dodge Dually 3500, we hardly know our rig is behind us.

For our family, the Jayco Northpoint 375BHFS fit the bill. But don’t just take my word for it.

Jahnae Long and her husband of LongbyFive also found the Jayco Northpoint 375BHFS to fill the needs of their family.

She and I met through a Facebook group that primarily helps people who are considering the rv lifestyle get answers and advice.

Her message to me on Facebook was, “we have the same rig..so, we’re friends!”( I paraphrase, naturally.)

And yes, because we have the same rig, we are friends! Last week, we were able to meet for the first time thanks to FaceTime as she is on the East Coast and I am on the West Coast.

Next week, she will be taking over our blog to share her story. I’ve asked her a few questions about their rv life, and she will be writing about her family as well.

How cool is it (“cool” isn’t cool anymore, is it?) that friends with similar interests can meet and communicate through social media even from different time zones?

It’s a fabulous time to be alive!

Yours Truly,


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