America, in all its parts

Yesterday, while walking in a parade with my husband and kids, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with some fellow Americans.

One woman and her husband migrated here from the Philippines twenty years ago. They shared their story of moving with their family and settling into California.

There were two college students from New York who had just started internships in a city next door to our state park. They filled me in on some of their studies, and we chatted about goals and dreams for the future.

There were a myriad of other encounters with kids and adults during our three hours in the small town adjacent to our park. Little “hello’s” or brief discussions about the beautiful, albeit cold weather, conversations about the parade floats, all were civil and warm in nature.

The people we met were seemingly kind hearted and patriotic. They were genuinely happy to be in the parade or watch it. They helped kids find their way back to their parents. They were good people.

This is true of the citizens in all twenty-nine states we’ve had the pleasure to visit. I truly feel blessed to have been given this gift of touring our incredible nation.

All states are unique and gorgeous in their own way. We look forward to visiting the other twenty one states knowing that we will meet more wonderful people in them.

America, in all its parts, is my favorite place to wander.

Yours truly,


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