Replacing the Door Latch & Lock

A few days ago, the strangest thing happened. Mike and I were lifting weights in a “garage gym” (a state park storage garage that houses our weight bench and weights) next to our campsite when Jensen came in saying he couldn’t get the door to the rig to open. Now, with our eight year old son, everything is a major deal; sometimes he blows things out of proportion. Immediately, Mike and I tried to talk him through the process as the locking mechanism could be kind of funky at times. It wasn’t the problem. Mike left the garage and shortly came back to ask me if I had a key to the rig with me. Nope, I sure didn’t.

Locked Out

“Well, we’re locked out,” Mike said. Oh, boy. He circled the rv looking for ways to get inside and found a window that he was able to hoist Jensen through. Jensen opened the door from the inside, and Mike took the whole door latch and lock apart. He found the problem; a piece of the door latch had broken inside of the mechanism. The door would open and lock perfectly from the inside, but the outside latch wouldn’t function at all.

The old door latch…the small rectangle was the part that broke off

That evening, Mike was able to find a new latch and lock system on Amazon, and it arrived two days later. During that short waiting period, we had to go through the kids’ bathroom door to get inside our rv. We would pull up to the rig and joke that we all had to go to the bathroom. We were able to open and use the main door, but only from the inside. The latch would not engage at all. This new mechanism has the same feature of passcode lock and unlocking, but it also comes with a remote control to lock and unlock the door from a distance. So cool! Effortlessly, Mike installed the new latch today, and we had fun testing the new remote control.

The new lock..we have some cleaning to do!

Not so Bad

When we walked out the door to head to Sacramento today, we were all enthusiastic to use the remote to lock the door. (We’re easily amused, Ha!) This process was just another reminder that things WILL go wrong, but the alternative is usually better. When we first started rv living, I was always quite terrified that things would go wrong, but after several slip ups on trips, rerouting, being towed out of a snow bank in bear country, a broken lock on the door is not a big deal. I’ve grown to anticipate things going wrong, but I don’t feel stressed out about that possibility. Mike and I are a good team, and we tend to take the good and the bad in stride.

Yours Truly,




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