America, in all its parts

Yesterday, while walking in a parade with my husband and kids, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with some fellow Americans. One woman and her husband migrated here from the Philippines twenty years ago. They shared their story of moving with their family and settling into California. There were two college students from New... Continue Reading →

One crazy week

I'm sure you're aware of the flexibility needed to travel full-time. If you've traveled anywhere, you've encountered delayed flights, uninviting hotels, full hotels, dirty Airbnb accommodations, sickness, high gas prices, and the like. Travel is crazy no matter how you do it. When we started this full-time lifestyle two and a half years ago, I... Continue Reading →

Oh, the people you’ll meet!

One of the most incredible things about traveling and living in a recreational vehicle (rv) is the amazing people that you will encounter. Sometimes, these people are in the state park where we camp host. Occasionally, they are in full-time rv groups and love the same kind of lifestyle that we do. Many times, they... Continue Reading →

Closing In…

On a year in this rig! In June of last year, our family of four had already been living the full-time rv lifestyle for eighteen months. (You can read more about that here.) But, we knew that we had to decide whether to move into a rental house/apartment or get a bigger rig. At first,... Continue Reading →

Go on a date!…with your kids

No, I'm really serious. Go on a date with your kids. Mike and I stumbled upon this idea when our kids were tiny. I remember taking Jensen to one of those trampoline set ups where he was hooked into straps, bouncing and flipping to his hearts content. Emma went with her Dad to dinner at... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I wonder…

To be really honest, I wonder why I blog. I mean, really...who is going to read it? Who will actually take the time to read the random posts that I write on this little baby blog? Will anyone care? Then I get an email from a friend who wants to thank me for inspiring her... Continue Reading →

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