Lately, every Saturday has turned into a “let’s get this place cleaned up” day. As a family of four with two pups living in 400 odd square feet, things can become messy very quickly.

It’s kinda messy in here…

On the recliner sat papers and books from our library trip the day before. The sink held two meals worth of dishes. The bathroom rug needed to be shaken out, the floors begged to be swept, the workbooks still rested on the dining table/school workspace. Emma and Jensen had Legos all over the floor from a major building session the night before. Our room needed some decluttering, and our bed still needed to be made.

Saturdays have also include a Starbucks/planning date with Mike while our kids have karate group class in the morning. It’s a great way for Mike and I to get some work done while indulging in something sweet. I, personally, find a coffeehouse or a restaurant to be a great place to delve into a project or discussion with my husband.

After picking up the kids and finishing the laundry (we had that going at the local laundromat while we were at Starbucks…multitasking, for the win!) I knew that we would be walking back into our untidy rig.

Within a few minutes, our ride home from the laundromat became a brainstorming session on who could do what task, when. We arrived at our rig and quickly got to work. Dad and Jensen were tackling dishes, Emma was finishing up some of her morning chores, and I cleaned our bathroom.

Before long, we were all moving to the next chore on our “list” of things to accomplish. We had the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 music blaring while we rapidly checked off all of our tasks. Guess what? It does doesn’t take long to clean that untidiness in a 400 some odd square foot space. Boom!

Mike- cleaning out the floor vents in our rig


Another thing that really helps our cleaning happen relatively quickly is a regular chore list. Our kids, ages 10 and 8, have daily chores and weekly chores that need to be done. Mike and I have jobs that we take care of, but we enlist our kids to help. Both Emma and Jensen know that they are important to our success as a family. One way they know that is through responsibility. Mike and I have instilled in our kids that in order to play video games, spend time with their friends, do fun activities, their work must be done. We don’t just “preach” this; we live it. Our kids know that we don’t care to do laundry, but we like clean clothes. Our kids know we don’t love to wash windows, but we also don’t care for dog drool on the truck windows. Being real with our kids has been the cornerstone in our family’s relationship, even with chores. Even on our ride home today as we were choosing work to do, Mike and I both said that we know no one wants to do it, but if we all help, it will go by fast!

Whatever we leave on the sofa, Buttons will use for a pillow.



As with all things in life, having a little “pregame” planning really helps. Life is beautifully full right now for our family, and we strive to soak up everything good that comes our way. Mike goes to film school, I work in the state park, our kids homeschool during the week, and we all have activities that keep us active and happy. None of this is possible without a little planning. While we don’t always remember everything (aaah! Mike has production today!!), we do go over what is coming up in the new week on Sundays. I also grocery shop and meal prep on Sunday afternoons. The clean up on Saturday and the meal prep on Sunday sets our family up for success during the week.

What does your family do to make life happen?

Yours Truly,