Oh, the people you’ll meet!

One of the most incredible things about traveling and living in a recreational vehicle (rv) is the amazing people that you will encounter. Sometimes, these people are in the state park where we camp host. Occasionally, they are in full-time rv groups and love the same kind of lifestyle that we do. Many times, they... Continue Reading →

Closing In…

On a year in this rig! In June of last year, our family of four had already been living the full-time rv lifestyle for eighteen months. (You can read more about that here.) But, we knew that we had to decide whether to move into a rental house/apartment or get a bigger rig. At first,... Continue Reading →

Go on a date!…with your kids

No, I'm really serious. Go on a date with your kids. Mike and I stumbled upon this idea when our kids were tiny. I remember taking Jensen to one of those trampoline set ups where he was hooked into straps, bouncing and flipping to his hearts content. Emma went with her Dad to dinner at... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I wonder…

To be really honest, I wonder why I blog. I mean, really...who is going to read it? Who will actually take the time to read the random posts that I write on this little baby blog? Will anyone care? Then I get an email from a friend who wants to thank me for inspiring her... Continue Reading →

Personal Reflections

When this blog posts, it will be Mother's Day. Mother's Day is a holiday that is very dear to me for various reasons. It's a special day to celebrate my own mother and my mother-in-law. It's a sweet day of remembering how important moms are to the family dynamic and to the world overall. This... Continue Reading →

Getting Settled

For the past week, I've been training to run the kiosk at the state park. If you're not already aware, my husband and I travel with our two kids full time in an rv. Our goal is to enjoy all fifty states. Currently, while Mike is going to film school in San Francisco, we volunteer... Continue Reading →

We adore San Francisco!

Last weekend, we spent some time in the gorgeous city of San Francisco. All four of us enjoyed every moment that we were in the city. If you're new to this blog, welcome and thanks for visiting. If you're a follower, thank you for supporting us by coming back to our blog! We currently work... Continue Reading →

Mini Vacay to San Francisco

As I write this, we are on a ferry heading from our state park location to the beautiful city of San Francisco. We will be exploring the city for a few days and staying in a hotel. Since we usually travel with all of our belongings behind us (literally in our fifth wheel), packing for... Continue Reading →

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