"But how do you live without a dishwasher?" "How do you not go out of your mind having to go do laundry all the time?" "Aren't you worried about things in your RV breaking?" "Wouldn't it be expensive to fix?" "How can you live in such a little space?" So many questions: so little time.... Continue Reading →

On the Move Again

When you read this post, our family will be settling into a new state park in California. As I write this blog post, we are in the Mitchell Canyon area in Mount Diablo State Park. Everyone we have come in contact with here at Mount Diablo has been very kind and helpful. We have been... Continue Reading →

Reading Aloud

If you're a parent, you probably already know that reading aloud to your kids gives them an incredible advantage with literacy when they're older. Here is an article about it---> Oh, and if you're curious, head over to and "meet" Sarah. She is instrumental in helping parents find fantastic read aloud books for their... Continue Reading →

Stress Cleaning in an RV

Yes, from time to time, life doesn't go as planned and I feel stressed out. Ugh! I hate the feeling because it seems permanent even though it's only temporary. During those stressful moments, I tend to clean. Yes, deep clean, tear the house (RV) apart and clean, clean. I'm not a "yeller". I implode rather... Continue Reading →

Moving Day

Today, we are traveling to a new camp host position east of San Francisco. Our time in Petaluma was both chaotic and calm. We spent two weeks at a campground on a Coast Guard base near the city which we paid for nightly. I have to admit that I missed working with rangers and campers... Continue Reading →

A Word about Black Tanks

Yes, if you're a human, no doubt the worst or most daunting thing about rving is emptying the black tanks. (If you're not sure what black tanks are, they're poo holders.) At our current campground, there are no sewer hookups which means every few days we have to empty our black tanks at a separate... Continue Reading →

Why I LOVE traveling in an RV

Out of all the questions a full time RV family encounters, we are rarely asked why we love the RV traveling lifestyle. When someone does occasionally ask me why I love answer is as follows... No matter where we are, we have our HOME with us. Yes, for the scaredy cat, chicken ,"worst case... Continue Reading →

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